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Who We Are

Bringing together a team of seasoned professionals, 20+ years on the market have seen us working with international organisations, government and non-government agencies, small and large businesses that we have assisted with communicating and shaping into local meaning their new policies and visions, products and concepts, stories and cultures. It is our mission – and it is our gift.

We are honoured to share it whenever and wherever it is of benefit.

Our Values

Moral and professional integrity make the core of any business relationship, along with respect for every person and contribution involved. We know that a piece of software cannot replace a human being. We know what your word means (in several languages, actually) – and we know that being understood correctly is essential. We know that accuracy is essential, but so is timing – and we know that it is vital to always have the right team doing the right work on your project. So, welcome to Highlights Translations. We are honoured to assist you.

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Translation to/from any language of text or audio documents, books, websites, blogs;


Simultaneous, consecutive, transition, whispering, remote interpreting;

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