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You will need interpreting services for your events where people speak several different languages. We will help you with teams of professional interpreters from Romania.

Our teams of qualified interpreters can cover a wide range of areas, from economy and business to technology, smart society, IT, communications, medicine, agriculture, product presentations or training workshops of any kind. You will need interpreting services and teams of interpreters selected carefully and skillfully; make sure that you ask the professionals to choose those for you and contact us for advice or proposals.

In general, interpreting services in Romania will be delivered in combinations that include Romanian language; however, we can offer some languages in combination with English. Events with multiple combinations of languages will need to be managed in a special way, and you will also need special simultaneous interpreting equipment. Contact us using the data below, and we’ll help you deal with that important part of your event.

Depending on your event, you will need specific types of interpreting services:

Simultaneous interpreting (you will also need special conference equipment),

Consecutive interpreting (bear in mind that the duration of your event will double in this case)

Whispering (for no more than 3 people).

Another type of interpreting service that we offer at Highlights Translations is focus group interpreting.

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